PROFILE: Anthony Lupo is best known as the inventor of a vinyl plastic racing muzzle for which he was issued a patent on March 16, 1965. It was believed to be the only patent registered on a greyhound racing muzzle at the time. He also was a greyhound trainer and owned a taxicab business.

HISTORY:Lupo first became involved with the greyhound industry in 1935 when his father sent him and two greyhounds to Revere, Mass. where Wonderland Greyhound Park opened that year. He became interested in inaugurating the use of a better muzzle in 1951 and moved to Hialeah, Fla. in 1954 where, two years later, he began experimenting with creating the new muzzle while still continuing to train greyhounds.

ACOMPLISHMENTS: Lupo’s vinyl plastic racing muzzle was deemed ‘beneficial to greyhound racing’ for its practicability and feasibility by the Florida State Racing Commission and became popular with kennel owners. Besides being water repellent, it was lighter in weight, more sanitary, and more durable than the leather muzzles being used at the time. He also was named the top trainer at the Black Hills Greyhound Track while working for the L.M. Kirkpatrick Kennel in 1957.