PROFILE: George Alder was born in June of 1914 at Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. Alder was involved with the greyhound industry for almost 50 years. Alder retired to a greyhound farm in Ocala, Florida in 1973. Both George and his wife Ella were living in Ocala when Alder was added to the PIONEER section in 1983.

HISTORY: In 1933, George Alder left his hometown of Hamilton with Fred Whitehead to enter the greyhound business. Alder was Fred’s assistant. The first stop that Whitehead and Alder made was Ralph McMinimy’s greyhound farm in Chanute, Kansas. After that stop they traveled to many of the early race tracks: West Flagler, Houston, Vancouver, Baden, Atlantic City, Orangeburg, Nayac and Buffalo. In 1936, Alder went into business for himself. There were times that Alder had his own bookings and others when he was training for some of the very best kennels; Gene Randle, Fred Whitehead, Jack Roche and Jordan Kennel. In 1970, Alder bought out the Jordan Kennel and kept his own bookings until 1975.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: During Alder’s years at the race track he handled some outstanding greyhounds; SCATTER BRAIN, JOHNNY LEONARD who was enshrined into the Hall of Fame in 1978, CLECO ROOSA, GO NORMA, SEA VENTURE and TELL THE DOCTOR. When Alder moved to the farm he continued to supply the industry with outstanding greyhounds.