PROFILE: “Sonny” Alderson was born in August of 1914 in Nash, OK. Alderson has been in the greyhound industry all of his life. He was born into a family already firmly established in the industry. Both his father, P.C Alderson and uncle, H.E. “Highley” Alderson were already active with greyhounds. When Sonny Alderson was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame in 1981, he and his wife Audrey resided in St. Petersburg, FL.

HISTORY: Sonny Alderson acquired his first racing kennel in 1933 right after he graduated from high school. Alderson developed his racing greyhounds into one of the top kennels in this country. Alderson has raced greyhounds in Florida, Arkansas, Colorado and Alabama. Through his persistence and dedication, Alderson has maintained his kennels as among the most powerful in the sport.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Sonny Alderson has indeed had more than the average number of outstanding greyhounds: HOLY BROTHER, BOWIE STEEL, MY FRIEND LOU, SOUGHT AFTER, PADDY BARRY, CACTUS LONESOME, RURAL TREASURE, WORD TWISTER, PRESIDENT ELECT, FACELESS MAN, and NEVER ROLL. Many of Alderson greyhounds have gone on to be leading stud dogs in this country. “NEVER ROLL was my best” Alderson once said of his greyhound that was enshrined into the Greyhound Hall of Fame in 1968.