PROFILE: “Perry” Alderson was born near Wellington, Ks in September of 1886. His entire family has been involved in the greyhound industry. Perry’s brother “Highley” Alderson was enshrined into the Hall of Fame section in 1975, his son Sonny was added to the pioneer section in 1981 along with Perry. “Eddie” Alderson and Helen Alderson all were successful Kennel owner operators.

HISTORY: Alderson moved to Memphis in 1926 and began his greyhound career as a mutuels clerk. During his lifetime Perry Alderson has dedicated more than 35 years to the racing and raising of greyhounds. He once said that the secret to his success was to give the pups plenty of exercise during the early stages of life and to not be hasty in starting to train the young dogs. His philosophy was to let them mature and outgrow the playful puppy stage before attempting to teach them the art of track racing. Continued years of success has proved Alderson’s theory to work for him.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Alderson’s first and probably most famous greyhound was BAD SALLY, two time winner of the St. Petersburg Derby in 1936-37. Alderson has also won three St. Pete Gold Trophies; in 1938 with JONNY GIANT, 1956 with SWEET SPOKEN and in 1958 with STEEL BLADE. One of Alderson’s last great greyhounds was SMART TALK.