PROFILE: Mr. Anderson was a high school teacher in Cedar, Kansas during the 1920’s. He and his wife, Evelyn, also owned a grocery store in Cedar. Mr. Anderson retired from raising greyhounds in 1955. Anderson was added to the PIONEER section in 1979.

HISTORY: In the early 1930’s “Prof” Anderson enjoyed instant success in the greyhound industry with the strength he showed winning the Sapling Stake three-deep, at the first meet he had ever attended in Selden, Kansas. FLYING PRINCESS, from the same litter went on to win the St. Petersburg Inaugural in 1934. In 1939 Anderson raised a littler which would, in years to come, prove to have two of the best brood matrons in the industry, MY HANDY and HANDY JUDY. In 1941 Anderson was again very strong in the Fall Meet, winning the Derby Purse with SUNDAY, the Fall Futurity with HELSINKI and the Fall Sapling with SIR OGLALA. “Prof” Anderson was also responsible for raising the amazing miracle litter which raced for Keith Dillon. The KC BYERS-MY HANDY “miracle litter’ contained greyhounds like NORTH AMERICAN and PRIME FACTOR.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: “Prof” Anderson’s greyhounds were among the best during their time. The lineage that “Prof” Anderson began continues to live through today’s descendants.