PROFILE: Earl Baxter was born in 1915. He was involved in the greyhound industry for over 40 years. Mr. Baxter worked his way up from a cool-out-boy to owning and operating a greyhound farm. When Earl Baxter was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame in 1984 he was residing in Hollywood, Florida.

HISTORY: Earl Baxter began his greyhound career at the age of 15 working for Fred Whitehead as a cool-out-boy. He learned how to train greyhounds while with Mr. Whitehead, handling dogs such as KITTY DUNN. After five years with Whitehead, and a brief time with John Allen, Baxter went to work for Kenneth Hutchings as his Kennel Manager until he started his own kennel and farm. Earl Baxter had competed at most major race tracks in this country including Wonderland, Southland, Flagler and Mile High. Baxter retired from the farm in 1979 and moved to Hollywood, Florida.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Earl Baxter had many outstanding greyhounds such as BIG WHIZZER, TILLIE’S GUEST, STRAIGHT JACK and RURAL MIKE. Baxter raced in Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida and Arkansas.