PROFILE: Mr. Beaird was born in Texas on June 6, 1918. He bought his first greyhound in 1930, when he was just 12 years old. He and his young friends all had dogs to course rabbits, a big sport in those days. He married Eugenia James on January 11, 1942. That union produced 4 children; James, Margaret, Joe and Ann Marie.

HISTORY: Hubert continued to enjoy coursing until the mid fifties when he learned that there was money to be made by training his dogs on a training track instead of the coursing park. His first dog earning purses was ALLIE GRACE at Sodrac Park in 1956. In the late 70’s Hubert and Eugenia decided they needed a means of giving their dogs an identity. They determined that a prefix in naming their dogs would serve that purpose. They chose Pyrmid.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Some of the better dogs have been; PYRMID ALTA, PRYMID ELI RULY, PYRMID LEO ANGUS, PYRMID MAIN, PYRMID MIDNIGHT, PYRMID RED RULY, PYRMID TOM TOM, PYRMID ZIPPER. Even though Hubert Joe Beaird is semi-retired, he continues to supervise son Joe and grandsons Cody and Jake on the Pyrmid farm in Waco, Texas. He is certainly a PIONEER in the greyhound industry.