PROFILE: Skinny Beckner was born in Celina, Texas in 1918. At the age of 16 Beckner began his race track career. In 1984, when Beckner was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame, he was living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

HISTORY: Skinny Beckner’s first experiences at a greyhound track were in Hollywood, Florida. Beckner continued racing and with his induction in 1984, competes at several major race tracks with his son and partner R.G. Beckner. The Beckner Kennels remain a strong force in today’s competitive greyhound industry.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In Skinny’s eyes the best greyhound he ever had was TRANSPORTATION. Another great greyhound was BOGA who won the Wonderland Derby and was awarded the NGA Flashy Sir Award. Beckner helped in the establishing of a new purse structure in Massachusetts in 1980.