PROFILE: Dr. Al Bissing DDS has spent most of his life in Kansas Bissing has successfully raised and raced while maintaining an equally successful dental practice in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Bissing was added to the PIONEER section I n1981.

HISTORY: Lawrence Gross gave Dr. Bissing his first greyhound while Bissing was in high school. Although this greyhound was unregistered, it led Bissing into the sport. In 1926 Bissing acquired his first registered greyhound. In 1940 Bissing served in the Army for 6 years. During these 6 years Bissing, stationed in England, met many greyhound owners who would later import many English greyhounds to him. Dr. Bissing raced kennels at Caliente, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Portland, Juarez and several tracks in Florida. In 1981 when Bissing was added to the PIONEER section he was leasing all of his greyhounds to other racing kennels.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Dr. Bissing has a trophy room for the trophies and blankets won by his greyhounds. CAMPUS ACTION won the Waterloo Cup during the 1965 Meet; this was Bissing’s first at a National Meet. MAR-KEL won the Phoenix Derby and WELL ED was the Phoenix Futurity Champ. Dr. Bissing’s been an active supporter for the legalization of greyhound racing in Kansas for many years.