PROFILE: Donald James “Jimmy” Black, the son of William “Pop” and Helen Black, was born in 1932 and was reared on a dairy farm near Taunton, Massachusetts. He became friends with the greyhound owners and trainers that boarded in his family’s home and rented the barn for their kennels when a new greyhound racetrack opened just one mile away. Black was just seven years old when fellow Pioneer Merrill Blair hired him to haul paper and trash, pick up pans and clean the pens of his greyhounds. He served in the Navy for over two years during the Korean War.

HISTORY: He worked for his older brother, Billy, as a helper and then became a trainer for Earl McAdam of the Point Breeze Kennel. In 1954, after returning from the war, Jim Black worked as a trainer for F.B. Stutz and Fred Whitehead for nine years before purchasing his own kennel in 1963. He handled kennels throughout the country and raced at over 15 tracks.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Black trained All Americans KUNTA TROUBLES and ZAGGER. COST BUSTER won the 1961 Derby Stakes and the Count Down Stakes at St. Petersburg Kennel club. COLOR SMART won the 1962 Wonderland Derby in Massachusetts, COOL HIGHWAY and FLYING SONG both won the first Annual Spring Derby at Wheeling Downs. J’S STITCH won the 49th Derby and J’S SMOKE won the 45th Sapling Derby at Multnomah. His greyhounds also won the Irish American and the Flagler International. Black scored the most victories on a one-week program (17) and held the top position in kennel standings at wheeling Downs in the late 1970’s.