PROFILE: Tex Block was born in Gunter, Texas in 1915 and became acquainted with greyhounds through his uncle in the early ‘30’s. Block, who was added to the PIONEER section in 1984, was residing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

HISTORY: 1938 was the first time that Tex Block went to the race track. Block and Skinny Beckner both took a kennel and went to Tampa, Florida. During those early years Block was at tracks in Ohio and Iowa, Tijuana, Mexico and Topsfield Fair, Massachusetts. During World War II Block served in the Air Force in the South Pacific. When he came home Block continued in the greyhound business by returning to Tampa. By 1950 Block was competing at Wonderland and St. Petersburg. In 1984 Block was still active in the industry.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Tex Block’s biggest thrill came when KOLIGA won the 1955 American Derby in Taunton. Block has also won the Wonderland Derby twice, once with RUTH JONES in 1972 and then with CORBIN in 1980. Block took honors in the Derby Lane Distance Classic twice, with the well known ONIE JONES in 1973 and again in 1979 with BIG ZIGGY. The 1977-78 racing season was Tex Blocks most outstanding. Block won track championships at all three tracks where he competed, Wonderland, Tampa and St. Petersburg.