PROFILE: Joyce Brooks was born Joyce Weaver in 1898. “Miz” Brooks was a member of the well known Weaver family. Joyce married John Brooks before 1925 when her father, “Dad” Weaver, first opened Derby Lane Kennel Club in 1925. In 1982 “Miz” Brooks joined her father and three brothers in the PIONEER section of the Greyhound Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: “Miz” Brooks was on hand for the initial St. Petersburg Inaugural on January 3, 1925. To date, 1982, Joyce Brooks has not missed an Inaugural night in 52 years. From the onset, she “sold” Derby Lane as a goodwill ambassador. Until only a few years ago Miz Brooks walked the plant every night showing an interest in all the patrons. Now unable to cover the huge plant, she continues to deliver her genuine warmth from the table in the Derby club. There’s always a steady stream of patrons and employees stopping by to exchange greetings with her.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Thanks in great part to Mrs. Brooks’ public and human relations efforts, Derby Lane has prospered as one of the nation’s premier race tracks. Mrs. Brooks typified Derby Lane’s warm atmosphere, extruding warmth and a real sense of caring for patrons, employees and kennel owners. There is little doubt that Mrs. Brooks is responsible for the employee contentment and the night-after-night return of many patrons. Mrs. Brooks had served as vice-president of Derby Lane Kennel Club.