PROFILE: Lee Bryant was born June 26, 1898 near Dallas, Texas. Bryant married Ruby Beckner who was the daughter of O.B. Beckner, patriarch of the Beckner family of racing, and a fellow PIONEER. Lee Bryant passed away in January of 1964. Bryant was added to the PIONEER section in 1980.

HISTORY: Lee Bryant’s first greyhounds were coursing greyhounds. In 1926 Bryant became partners with his father-in-law, OB Beckner in a racing kennel. Their kennel raced in New Orleans, East St. Louis, Butte and as far west as Belmont, California. In later years the partnership acquired kennels in Miami Beach, Raynham, Multnomah in Oregon, Mile High in Denver and Jacksonville in Florida.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Bryant raced some fine greyhounds, among them were; CALDWELL, QUEEN FOR A DAY, VEITH, and VEACH. A life size oil painting of these two has hung in the Miami Beach Clubhouse since 1932. Bryant once said that VEACH’S win in the 1932 half-mile Bayshore Derby was his greatest thrill. One of Bryant’s last racers was DIXIE DAY, who went on to become a champion brood matron after Bryant’s death.