PROFILE: In the early 1980’s the Canoles were disappointed in dog breeding techniques that resulted in poor conception rates. Refusing to accept average conception rates and litter sizes, they were determined to find better methods.

HISTORY: The Canole’s equipped a laboratory, purchased stud dogs and brood bitches for the study, and traveled abroad to learn other methods used. They researched and developed new methods for the artificial insemination of greyhounds, maximizing the efficiency of breeding programs.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Their research led to a new system called “Four Steps To Breeding Success” that increases the chances of successful conception. The method eliminates the most probable causes of missed conception, saving time, money spent for stud fees and transportation and the loss of a cycle in the female’s reproductive life. The Canoles also developed a semen preservation system that includes a special formula that extends the life of frozen semen for more than 48 hours, allowing it to be shipped overnight to females on the farm. In 2005, the World Greyhound Racing Federation honored the Canoles with its Recognition of Excellence Award for revolutionizing the manner in which artificial insemination is conducted.