PROFILE: Mike Castellani was born August 5, 1917, in Hartford Connecticut. He was one of nine children. After graduation from high school he joined the family plastering business. Castellani bought his first greyhound in 1937. Mike Castellani was added to the PIONEER section in 1985.

HISTORY: Mike Castellani’s introduction into the greyhound business came in 1937 with a visit to the track in West Springfield, Massachusetts. He bought his first greyhound, the brood bitch GREY AND GOLD, from James Gallagher. Castellani continued in the family plastering business until 1946 when he went to work as a trainer for M.C. Rogers, Jr. at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida. The first greyhound of significance Castellani owned was “TRUMP” (MARSH HUNT, IMP-IRISH TRAFFIC). In 1949 Castellani was contracted by Paul Hartwell to run his own kennel at Hollywood. In the years since that time Mike Castellani Kennel has raced competitively, and with racing honors, on the major racing circuits in the United States.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In addition to his first trophy winner TRUMP, Mike Castellani has raced some great greyhound champions. The list includes; COSY VISITOR, LITTL CEE, YANKEE CLIPPER and MALKA.