PROFILE: Paul Colson was born in McCook, Nebraska in 1900. He moved to Iola, Kansas in 1932. He owned several shoe stores during the depression era. Paul sold his stores in 1937 and bought a five acre homestead to become a greyhound breeder. Paul died in 1947 and was added to the PIONEER section in 1986.

HISTORY: Paul Colson achieved early success as a breeder with one greyhound the great LUCKY ROLL. So successful was this greyhound, Paul named his farm “Lucky Roll Kennel”. Through his relatively short career as a breeder, Paul had many successful breedings for top greyhound owners of the time. After his death in 1949 his wife Hazel sold the stock and farm, but always wished to return to the greyhound business.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Paul Colson’s career as a greyhound breeder lasted a little more than twelve years, but his success with the incredible LUCKY ROLL line is something some work a lifetime to achieve.