PROFILE: Dr. Lloyd Commins was a well known figure in California’s greyhound history. Dr. Commins passed away in 1967. Lloyd Commins was added to the PIONEER section of the Greyhound Hall of Fame in 1981.

HISTORY: Dr. Commins operated a successful dental practice in San Francisco while also involving himself in several aspects of the greyhound industry. Dr. Commins operated a racing kennel and was active in the politics of greyhound racing. Dr. Commins was always active in trying to gain better racing conditions and purses for the greyhound owner. Commins grew up with greyhounds in his life. In San Francisco his father was coursing greyhounds years before anybody was track racing.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Dr. Commins was one of the original organizers of the Greyhound Breeders and Racing Association in California during 1933. Commins was also the Association secretary. Dr. Commins was active during 1935 in the attempt to put a greyhound racing bill through the State Legislature. Dr. Commins was instrumental in the organization of the Australian Greyhound Association in 1935. Commins most famous greyhounds were; RALPH AGRICOLA, WILKIE COLLINS, CHARLIE’S FOOTSTEPS, EDNA HELEN and QUEEN WRITTLE all of whom were Australian imports.