PROFILE: Dreamy Conlen has been involved as a trainer and kennel operator since 1931. In 1982 Dreamy was active in the greyhound industry with a kennel at Raynham where he resides with his wife, Helen. Dreamy was also added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame in 1982.

HISTORY: James “Dreamy” Conlen was among the trainers working at Flagler in 1931, the first year that greyhound racing was legalized in Florida. Conlen began with the Jess Levitt Kennel, and then in 1932 and 1933 Conlen went to work for Louis Randle at Biscayne. Dreamy remembers training for Lynn Houser at Toledo, Ohio during the Depression when they paid 50 cents a day. Grade “A”s and grade “D”s got the same pay recalls Conlen. Dreamy Conlen raced and trained at tracks throughout the country for many years, and has operated a kennel at Raynham and Taunton since the mid 70’s.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Dreamy Conlen has handled a number of top greyhounds down through the years. It was Dreamy’s greyhound, PERFECT ZIP, then handled by Keith Dillon, who won the All-Florida in 1958. A more recent star handled by Dreamy was DIXIE MILLER.