PROFILE: Clarence Connick was born October 24, 1914 on a ranch near Garrison, Montana. Connick had been involved in the greyhound industry since the 1920’s. In 1983 when Connick was added to the PIONEER section, he was still active in the industry.

HISTORY: During Connick’s earliest days in the business, he worked at the track built in Butte, Montana. In the summer of 1932, Connick raced at Agua Caliente, Mexico and then on to the California tracks operating at the time. Connick had a great deal of experience training greyhounds, beginning with his work for Gene Randle at El Cerrito and Portland, Oregon and continuing with the exceptional kennel of Myrta Ringwald. Connick spent several years in Florida before he returned to the west coast until racing stopped in California. Connick spent four years in the service during World War II after which, in 1945, he returned to racing at St. Petersburg. For the past 22 years Clarence Connick had been with Happy Stutz racing the impressive Stutz-Walters combination.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Connick was one of a group of people who formed the Greyhound Trainers Guild in 1967 and was elected as their president-an office that he was still holding in 1983. Connick had always been an avid member of most organizations instrumental in furthering the welfare of greyhound racing. Among the many outstanding greyhounds handled by Connick have been BAHAMA LURE, CARBONO, COLUMBA, KINGSFORD, and Flashy Sir award winner UNRULY.