PROFILE: Born in 1902 in Butte, Montana, Dahlberg was an outstanding college athlete. Dahlberg was following in a family tradition that had led his family to win more athletic letters than any other family in Montana history. Oscar Dahlberg moved back to Butte in 1978, after 40 years of racing greyhounds and in 1984 was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: Dahlberg did not enter the greyhound industry early like so many other PIONEERS, he was in his mid ‘30’s before being drawn into the business. In 1938 Dahlberg raced a meet in Salt Lake, from there he went to California where he competed at Belmont and Compton. By the time Dahlberg was completely hooked, and for the next 40 years Oscar Dahlberg remained active in the industry, racing at 23 tracks. Dahlberg raced two kennels during the initial season at Multnomah in the ‘30’s. Dahlberg competed in Miami during the ‘40’s when the lights were dimmed due to the war. Dahlberg moved to butte in 1978.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: During Dahlberg’s college days Oscar was an outstanding athlete and served as student body president. His early training in leadership helped in his efforts to organize a greyhound association. While in Oregon Dahlberg was instrumental in organizing the Oregon Greyhound Owners Association and served as its president for the first three years. Dahlberg raced greyhounds like SMILES and NITE LIFE CHARLEY who won 17 feature races at the 90-day Hollywood meet, including the Derby.