PROFILE: Asden Davis was born February 8, 1917 and married his wife, Bertie, in 1960. They have one son. Due to ill health Davis is retired.

HISTORY: Davis first broke into the booking end of the greyhound business in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, FL. He juggled a job with the railroad and racing greyhounds by sleeping in an old station wagon he used for a dog truck. In 1960 he also had a booking at Monticello, FL. After a stroke, he turned his kennel over to his trainer and good friend, Dick Houchins.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: For over 30 years he ran 1st, 2nd and 3rd in more than one stakes race at Jacksonville. HOBBY HELPER made All World in 1989 and held the 3/8ths record of 36.73 on the Jacksonville circuit. Some of his other stakes champions were FIREWOOD, BERTIES GIRL, PASHA CRITTER, HARMONY CRITTER, HI SPEED CRITTER, HACKSAW CRITTER, PRESTO BOY, MATURE LEADER and MAJOR TODD. HI SPEED CRITTER also became an excellent stud and Asden had several brood matrons that went to number one in the standings.