PROFILE: D.C. Davis was born September 29, 1882 in Burwell, Nebraska. He moved to Cimarron, Kansas in 1906 and was active in the greyhound business for fifty years.

HISTORY: Mr. Davis operated a lumberyard and a meat market, helped in law offices and managed a grain elevator in Cimarron. D.C. was also city marshal for a short time. He was very interested in greyhound racing and served as a judge in the Nationals for 25 years. He owned and operated Arkansas Valley Kennels for fifty years, until his death on December 15, 1961.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The January 1962 Coursing News had this to say about Mr. Davis; “One of the real old time coursing men and breeders of greyhounds..A lot of people will remember the many nice greyhounds he and his daughter Elsie brought to the National and raced under the Arkansas Valley Kennel. He was one of the people that always tried to attend the National meets even if for only a day so he could again meet and visit his many friends. For a number of years he was one of our judges at every meet..”