PROFILE: Clint Dewhurst was involved in the greyhound industry for 46 years. Dewhurst retired in 1969, and in 1980 was living in Sebastian, Florida when he was added to the PIONEER section of the Greyhound Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: Clint Dewhurst was one of the few men able to make the transition from one aspect of the greyhound industry to the other. He began his career as a trainer in 1923; however his greatest contributions to the industry were made while he was the general manager of Mile High Kennel Club in Denver, Colorado. His racetrack official career took shape at early racetracks like Canfield, Ohio; Erlanger, Kentucky and New Kensington, Pennsylvania. During World War II Dewhurst served in the Army K-9 corps. He took a German Shepherd scout dog to the island of Leyte in the Philippines. Dewhurst was president and general manager at Mile High Kennel Club from the time the track opened in 1949 until his retirement in 1969.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Clint Dewhurst was a major contributor in guiding Mile High Kennel Club from its beginning to become one of the leading racetracks in this country.