PROFILE: Jack Fisher was born in Pueblo, Colorado. He passed away on July 5, 1950. Fisher was added to the PIONEER section in 1979.

HISTORY: Jack fisher became a racing official in the early 1920’s, a job that took him to practically every race track in the country. He had the distinction of opening as presiding judge at both Mile high in Denver, Colorado and Wonderland in Boston. He judged the 25,000th race of his career at Mile High in Denver. Since 1951 there has been a Jack Fisher Memorial Race in Denver.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Known as the ‘Dean of Greyhound Racing Officials’ Jack Fisher probably did more to legitimatize the sport than any other early official. He was responsible for the strict regulations now imposed on race tracks. One official claims that Jack wrote 98% of the rules for greyhound racing. He was also an innovator, introducing the use of lead outs for the greyhounds. He was head of the International Greyhound Racing Association even before the sport became legal in this country. Fisher was definitely instrumental in raising the greyhound industry from an era of suspicion to the high standards it enjoys today.