PROFILE: In 1903 Francis Flint was born in Chapman, Kansas and in 1979 when he was added to the PIONEER section was still raising greyhounds there.

HISTORY: Flint did not enjoy quick success in the greyhound industry. His first litter died from distemper and then during the 1930’s he lost three more litters sired by UPSIDEDOWN. Eventually Flint went to the race track with his own kennel. He remained there for about 12 years, racing from Arizona up to Massachusetts and down to Florida. Francis tried to give up greyhounds, however returned after only two years away. “You always want to get back in the dog business if you’ve been in it awhile,” was what Flint said. During the 1970’s Francis Flint began to reap some rewards from the industry. Some of his pups began beating some of the ‘best’ competition in the country. “I believe if I were to do it over again, I’d probably try my luck at the same thing” he said.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Francis Flint’s great brood matron, J.N.’S LOU C MAR, produced some outstanding greyhounds for Flint. WAR EAGLE and GOLD MONEY were both derby winners for Flint, bringing home titles from Colorado and New Hampshire. This lineage will continue to influence the breeding into the 1980’s.