PROFILE: Francis Foster was born October 3, 1905 in Osborne, Kansas. In 1981 when foster was added to the PIONEER section, he and his wife, Matilda were still living on their farm in Osborne.

HISTORY: Francis Foster began his greyhound career during the 1920’s when he was hunting coyotes with greyhounds. It wasn’t until 1928 that foster acquired a registered greyhound and began raising racing greyhounds. Foster was a farmer at heart and raising greyhounds was just a sideline. For years Foster raised one or two litters a year, selling them to kennel operators like Kenneth Hutching or Claude McGee.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Francis Foster was a member of the NGA’s Half-Century Club, having been a member for over 50 years. Foster’s best brood matron was JUST MY LUCK.