PROFILE: Clyde Gray was born in 1922 to A.C and Lena Gray near Harlan, Iowa. As a member of his high school track team in the 1930’s, he won the state indoor championship in the half-mile run. He joined the Navy, serving in World War II. He married Jean Slaughter and adopted her daughter, Flora. The couple raised four children of their own, Richard, Rebecca, Mary Catherine and Robert. He worked for 14 years in the retail business, becoming managing partner for a chain of statewide department stores. He and Jean were married for 45 years when she died. His second marriage was to Sandy Glahn.

HISTORY: As a child, Gray was surrounded by greyhounds raised by his father, and thus gained experience with both coursing and racing as a teenager. He returned to the sport in 1958. He worked for Ken Hutchins as a farm trainer and stud dog manager for 13 years. In 1971 Gray and his son Robert purchased a farm where they boarded greyhounds. Three years later, the two formed a kennel, racing at several different tracks over the years. Later, Robert and Clyde operated separate kennels with Clyde’s daughter Mary Catherine joining him in managing Gray Kennels.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: At age 13, Gray was one of the youngest trainers of a finalist, EVELYN MEADOWS, for the Waterloo Purse in Abilene, Kansas. His kennel’s COLDWATER KONOW was named to the 2003 All-America Team. Other great greyhounds were DIXIE CENTER, SUEL’S ROSE, CLEVELAND LAD, SKY JET and COUNT HAVOC. Gray served as a committee member of the national association and was vice-president from 1972 to 1973. During his tenure, the name was changed to the National Greyhound Association and the Greyhound Hall of Fame was constructed.