PROFILE: William Charles Green was born on November 2, 1926 in Taunton, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Judy, are the parents of five children, Kathryn, Laurie, Tim, Billy and Eddie.

HISTORY: Green was only eight years old when he stood outside the gates of Raynham Greyhound Park near his home and sold homemade tip sheets to provide money for his family. He left home when he was 14 years old to begin his career at Palm Beach Kennel Club. At only age 15, he was trusted to handle BIT OF BUZZ, who became a star racer in 1942. During his 65-year career as a trainer, he traveled throughout the country and to Cuba. He also trained monkeys that were jockeys riding greyhounds around the racetrack in the sport’s early years.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Besides BIT OF BUZZ, Green trained MAC TRAY and WADE TRAY, Raynham Derby finalists in the 1960’s. he also trained MONTAGUE REVIEW, a juvenile stake winner at Raynham, and DUTCH D. BIRD, Taunton’s Track Champion two years in a row and the All Time Taunton Track Champion in the late 1970’s. Other favorites of Green’s were TOO YOUNG TO DIE and ALL OF YOU.