PROFILE: Marjorie Greig came to the track called Thornton, in Homewood, Illinois in 1930. She was only twelve years old but already sharing the responsibilities of racing with her mother, brother and sister. In 1986 at the time of her honor in the PIONEER section, she and her husband, Dave Greig, also in the PIONEER section, are still operating their kennel.

HISTORY: As greyhound owner and trainer Marjorie Greig met Dave at a track in Chicago, they were married in 1938. In the years since, Marjorie and Dave have continued the rigors of travel and the 24 hours a day business of raising and racing greyhounds. Marjorie has never relinquished her role as an equal partner in this demanding lifestyle, nor has she lost the loving personality that has made her a winner with people as well as greyhounds.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Marjorie Greig is a true pioneer as a woman trainer in the earliest days of greyhound racing and later sharing the success of her efforts with her husband Dave.