PROFILE: “Ted” Haas and Bill Ewalt drove a laundry truck for Ted’s father during the early 1920’s. In 1936 he bought his own business in Junction City, Kansas. Haas was added to the PIONEER section in 1979. He was still raising greyhound sin Junction City, Kansas at that time.

HISTORY: It was while on the road for Ted’s father one day that Haas and Ewalt came across Harley Royse. Ted bought a couple of greyhound pups from Royse and then sold them for $500. This was his first transaction in the industry. In 1936 he sold most of his stock and tried to get out of the business. He returned to work for his father and then purchased his own laundry in Junction City. At the same time he continued racing greyhounds. “I guess I just couldn’t get clear away from the dogs,” he recalls. “The 40’s and 50’s weren’t particularly good years for me however, and I had some fair dogs but none were really great. There was CALESA, though, and she was a good female.” In the 70’s things changed for Haas, he had his greatest greyhound, BIG WHIZZER, a grandson of the female CALESA. Haas long time friend, Bill Ewalt, was the trainer for BIG WHIZZER.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Ted Haas is a member of the NGA’S Half-Century club, having been a member of the association for better than 50 years. BIG WHIZZER became one of the major stud dogs in his time.