PROFILE: Barry Hagedon was from El Paso, Texas. He was a member of the National Greyhound Association many years and was elected president in 1938. He has been credited with changing the state rules in Massachusetts to recognize the National Greyhound Association registry papers instead of AKC papers required at that time.

HISTORY: Mr. Hagedon raised many fine greyhounds such as BOOMER JOE, KITTY COLLEEN and NANCY BAIN, who won the National Waterloo Cup in 1949. He also owned SOAPY HAND and mother of BEACHCOMBER, NO REFUND. Barry attended many coursing meets over the years with his wife Anna Jackson Hagedon, daughter of James Jackson.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Barry Hagedon was a long time member of the National Greyhound Association and served as president in 1938 and 1939. He was also active in the affairs of the association in such efforts as getting the Association’s registry papers recognized in Massachusetts.