PROFILE: Robert Hart was born October 28, 1897 in Louisville, Kentucky. Hart served as a bank clerk in St. Louis prior to his greyhound career. Robert Hart passed away in 1975, four years before he was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: Robert Hart’s first job at a racetrack was in the money room at Wellston, Missouri in 1926. During those early years he worked at Creave Car, Missouri, Canfield, Ohio, Jeffersonville, Indiana, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, West Memphis, Arkansas and Steubenville, Ohio. The most significant track that Hart worked at was in Miami Beach, where he made his future. He began in Miami in 1929 and continued until his death in 1975. Hart served as vice-president, mutuels manager and general manager. His sons are following in his footsteps. Richard is now (1979) general manager at Miami Beach and Robert Jr. is mutual manager at Jacksonville Florida Sportsman Park. Hart’s daughter continued in the field of sports, however, she became one of the tennis greats in the world of women’s tennis, winning at Wimbledon.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Under Hart’s leadership the Miami Beach Kennel club became one of the most famous and prestigious greyhound tracks in America. He was a principal factor in the industry’s rapid growth and success.