PROFILE: Paul Hartwell was born in Iowa in 1903. He was involved in the greyhound industry since 1925. He is survived by two sons. In 1979, when Paul Hartwell was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame both of his sons were racing secretaries, one at Caliente, the other at Palm Beach.

HISTORY: Paul Hartwell began his career in the greyhound industry in 1925 when he quit his job in an oil refinery and went to work at a greyhound track in Chicago. His father-in-law owned greyhounds, which helped spawn his interest in the sport. In the early years of his career Hartwell worked every conceivable job in the industry, even training greyhounds for several seasons. By 1927 Hartwell had experience in maintenance jobs as well as a chart writer, scales clerk and chief valet. At the age of 24 he became racing secretary and then in 1934 Paul went to work at a new park in Hollywood, Florida. In 1957 he began as racing secretary at Southland in Memphis, Arkansas. Mr. Hartwell continued as racing secretary at both racetracks until his death in July of 1979.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The grading system introduced by Paul Hartwell at Cavalier Kennel Club in 1950 is the same system that is used throughout the greyhound industry today. In 1979 Paul Hartwell was also inducted into the Greyhound Hall of Fame section.