PROFILE: Paul C. Hartwell was born in 1926 in Memphis into a family of greyhound businessmen. He was the grandson of E.C. “Butch” Sanders, the son of Paul Hartwell and the nephew of Leo and Frank Hartwell. A young P.C spent much of his childhood living in various places around the country, including the trainer’s cabins behind the backstretch at Biscayne. He often spent time in his grandfather’s kennels or his father’s offices in the paddock.

HISTORY: Hartwell was just 11 years old when he got his first job as a cool out boy at Hollywood. During his career he worked at 16 different racetracks in nine states. He worked in mutual departments from seller to cashier to mutual manager. He also held many other positions including lead out, scale clerk, paddock judge, trainer, presiding judge, and general manager and racing secretary. In his spare time, he owned and trained his own greyhounds.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Hartwell designed two racetracks and supervised the construction of another. He is best known for authoring the book, “The Road From Emeryville,” recording the history of the greyhound industry.