PROFILE: Mae Leesley Haughn was born in 1900 in Pierre, South Dakota. She married George William Leesley and they operated the Lazy L Ranch near Kimball, Nebraska. After his death she made St. Petersburg, Florida her home and she married Myron Haughn. She died in 1966.

HISTORY: Mae and George Leesley were well known at both coursing and racing tracks throughout the country. The Leesley Kennel was ranked as one of the top kennels in the country. Later, Mae and Myron Haughn’s kennel also was one of the best. Mae raced her greyhounds for nearly 50 years at St. Petersburg and for 35 years at Taunton and Revere racetracks.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The Leesley’s established a dynasty by breeding their greyhound WILD QUEEN CANNON to John Pesek’s Hall of Famer JUST ANDREW*. One of the descendants, WILFUL MAID, produced several outstanding litters for the Haughn Kennel. The kennel set a record of six victories in a single 10-race program on April 8, 1939 in St. Petersburg. In 1951, the kennel produced a “miracle” litter of 11 Grade A greyhounds. There were NO CURRENT, DANCING MAID, FREE SPEECH, WORRY FREE, RECORDING, EXTRA COPY, NO FUNDS, LOW COST, NO DESIGN, TIME CONTROL, and DANCE FUND. Other outstanding racers were JUBILANT JUDGE, JOVIAL JUDY, JACOB’S JACKET, JAMBAR JOE and JAY-JAY.