PROFILE: James Henry Sr. was born in 1889 in Arion, Iowa. Henry married Harritt Vore and together they had 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls. All 6 boys remained in the industry. James Henry Passed away in July of 1977. Henry was added to the PIONEER section in 1984.

HISTORY: James Henry began his career through his enjoyment of race horses. It was shortly after he had lost one of his young race horses due to an accident that Henry went into the greyhound business with Art Wilson, who is a Hall of Fame PIONEER too. Henry did some coursing in Iowa and Kansas in the ‘20’s and when people began track racing greyhounds Henry was there from the start. Henry raced at Steubenville and New Kensington and then Long Branch in New Jersey and Jeffersonville in Indiana. When the opportunity arose Henry sent racing greyhounds to the Panama Canal Zone.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: James Henry Sr. raced fine greyhounds like MAID OF ARMS and KENHAJOO and HOLOCOST. Henry was widely known for his sense of humor. James Henry influenced this industry with the legacy he left through his children. Henry supported each of their efforts and today, 1984, the Henry kennels are still running fine greyhounds at tracks like Southland, St. Petersburg and Mobile. James Henry’s presence will be felt for many years to come.