PROFILE: James Jackson was born May 23, 1885 in Brookenbough, Ireland. Mr. Jackson came to the United States in 1908. He bought his first greyhound in 1918 and was active in the greyhound business until his death in 1965. He was a farmer in Sabetha, Kansas as well as raising greyhounds there.

HISTORY: Mr. Jackson raised many fine greyhounds in Kansas, after obtaining his first one in 1908. Such greyhounds as CHECK VALUE, BOUNCING CHECK, CHECK ROLL, PIN CHECK, FAT CHECK, PRINCE ARTHUR and QUEENS ROLL. He also owned BUSY LOU, mother of BLUEST BLUE BILL, winner of the California Open Sage Stakes Race in 1923. Jim has two daughters, Mary and Anna.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Jimmy, as he was called in Sabetha, was an early member of the greyhound producer’s crowd. He owned greyhounds that raced at early tracks in California. James Jackson rose to the office of vice-president of the National Greyhound Association.