PROFILE: Benny Johnson was born in Clay Center Kansas on October 5, 1895. Johnson never married. He was a plasterer by trade. Johnson Died in 1973 at the age of 77, six years before he was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: Benny Johnson saw his first coursing meet in 1918 in Junction City, Kansas. Until his death in 1973 he attended every NCA Meet, with the exception of one spring and fall meet many, many years ago. Johnson worked many years at the race track. Between 1935 and 1938 Miami Beach was his domain. From 1965 until 1969 Johnson handled greyhounds for Ted Haas of Junction City. Johnson, “In one respect at least, Mr. Johnson was one of the cities finest citizens. Some probably recall an elderly man walking along Washington Street stopping every few feet to pick up waste paper and trash and placing it in a rubbish barrel. That was Mr. Johnson.”

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Benny Johnson was a help to all who needed it at National Meets, a loyalist to the sport in every respect. He rated GANSTER,IMP. and GOLDEN SAHARA as the two greatest coursing dogs he had ever seen. Both are now part of the Hall of Fame section.