PROFILE: Murray Kemp was born in 1903. His parents were homestead wheat farmers in North Dakota. Kemp spent his first 20 years attending school and college. He married Lorine in 1924. Kemp enjoys boating and fishing when time permits. In 1980 Murray Kemp was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: Murray Kemp was tutored in the greyhound business by O.P Smith. In the early 20’s he was hired as a bookkeeper for concessions and gate receipts, and bookie commissions for the “old” Hialeah racetrack. Before Smith died in 1926 he was able to teach Kemp the business inside out. Shortly after that Kemp followed the ‘longtails’ to Kentucky, Illinois, and California before settling in Portland. In 1933 Kemp opened Fairview Park in Portland, Oregon. In 1980 Kemp was still active in the industry serving as Chairman of the Board of the Multnomah Kennel Club.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In appreciation of his guidance and leadership, Fairview Park-“The House that Murray Built”-was renamed Murray Kemp Kennel Club in 1978. Kemp served twice as president of the American Greyhound Track Operators Association. Kemp’s many friends include doctors, lawyers, and professional people who owe their education to Kemp because he provided jobs when they were needed. At least one college scholarship owes its existence to Murray Kemp. Murray Kemp would later (1983) be enshrined into the Greyhound Hall of Fame section for his contributions to the “Sport of Queens”.