PROFILE: Frank Knox was born in April of 1905. Knox grew up and lived his entire life in a small community near Abilene, Kansas named Detroit. In January of 1968 Frank Knox passed away, he was still active in raising greyhounds at the time. Knox was added to the PIONEER section in 1980.

HISTORY: Frank Knox bought his first two greyhounds at the tender age of 10 in 1915. He was involved in raising greyhounds for the remainder of his life, more than 40 years. Knox actually maintained two careers simultaneously, being actively involved in the grain business for many years. Knox never raced a kennel of his own, but sold practically all of the greyhounds he raised to established racing kennels. Frank Knox raised many greyhounds for G.A. Alderson and Kenneth Hutchings, both active in racing.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Frank Knox served on the Executive Committee for the NCA in 1955-56. Knox was well respected in the industry as a breeder. He raised HATCHER for K. Hutchins and TRUE KID for G.A.Alderson. Among the top producing brood matrons Knox owned were SISSY ROLL, COMPLY and RABI MACK all descendants from his own ANN CARDER.