PROFILE: Known as “Red” Leddy, was often called the ideal racing official.

HISTORY: Red Leddy came by his interest in greyhounds naturally—in the heart of greyhound breeding country at Conway Springs, KS., where he grew up. One of greyhound racing’s oldest officials, Red started his career as a trainer and greyhound owner. He raced a string of greyhounds for several years until 1933, at which time he decided to accept the position of racing secretary at Tampa Greyhound Track. He worked in all parts of the country, most notable at Taunton, Raynham and Tampa, where his duties ranged from scale clerk to director of racing. He was a stickler for detail, genuinely interested in the greyhound and was extremely organized.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Red Leddy always displayed a genuine sensitivity and a true sense of professionalism in every capacity. As racing secretary he was an innovator, developing and maintaining a very elaborate set of records and helping pave the way for future secretaries through his organized card system.