PROFILE: Waldo Lentz was born in February of 1910 in Lee’s Summit, MO. Lentz married into the Alderson family in 1929 and developed a place in a family tradition of greyhound racing. In 1983 Waldo Lentz was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame.

HISTORY: Waldo Lentz began training for the H.E Alderson Kennel in 1929, racing at Tulsa, Tijuana and Jeffersonville, IN. In the 1930’s Lentz raced at tracks in Illinois, Oregon, California, New Jersey and New York, Arkansas, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Florida. During the years of World War II, Lentz discontinued racing greyhounds and worked for Pacific Bridge Co. Ship yards, Remington Arms Defense, and Sweeney’s Electrical School as an instructor. In 1946 Lentz returned to the H.E Alderson kennel and had some outstanding years. In 1949 the Alderson Kennel was named ‘Outstanding Kennel in America’ and LAUGHTER was named ‘Outstanding Greyhound of the Year’ by the Greyhound Writers of America. In the late ‘50’s Waldo Lentz purchased the kennel from Alderson, naming it the Alderson Lentz Kennel. In 1954, son-in-law Marc Hill became trainer and in January of 1972 became owner, renaming it once again. The kennel is still known as the Alderson-Lentz-Hill Kennel.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: During the ‘60’s Lentz raced an outstanding trio of greyhounds, DONNA, LINDA, and BILL LARSEN. In 1971 Waldo Lentz raced the All-American SHUR LILLY, in his eyes the best greyhound he ever had.