PROFILE: Frenchy LeTourneau was born in October 23, 1902 in Aurora, Kansas. In 1979 when he was added to the PIONEER section of the Hall of Fame, Frenchy was still active in the industry.

HISTORY: Frenchy was called a legend by many of his peers. At the age of 10 Frenchy began racing greyhounds. He was running his own greyhounds on the plains of Kansas. “The finest dog that I ever owned and trained was MORE TAXES” he recalls. “After a great racing career he was stood for stud and bred some 290 females. This bloodline is still carrying on in good dogs of today.” Having over 40 years in the industry and 15 with his own kennel, Frenchy has a discerning eye for a champion. To Frenchy a greyhound must be more than just fast, he must be ‘crafty’. When a young owner was asked about Frenchy LeTourneau retiring he commented “Frenchy can’t retire. Dog racing would be dog racing without him.”

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Frenchy LeTourneau was the owner and trainer of MORE TAXES, a greyhound enshrined in the Greyhound Hall of Fame in 1979.