PROFILE: George Lippold was the eldest of 11 children. He was born in November of 1896 at Avoca, Iowa. George was known as “Honest George” to his friends. Although Lippold had retired from the greyhound business in 1980 when he was added to the PIONEER section, he was still operating his Hampshire Hog breeding farm in Avoca.

HISTORY: Lippold first became interested in greyhounds when he was visiting a neighbor who had acquired some greyhounds to control the jack rabbits that were devastating the crops. He was infatuated with these dogs and purchased a female for $3.00 right away. As he grew older, Lippold realized the potential in raising greyhounds as a supplement to his farm income. From 1930 to 1940, under the supervision of his brother Ted, the Lippold kennels were dominant wherever they raced. Hammond and Jeffersonville, Taunton and Revere and many Florida racetracks.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: One of Lippold’s first brood matrons, KICHE, has become one of the most influential foundational matrons in American greyhound breeding. George was active in coursing greyhounds with MOON LIGHT BREEZE. Other well known greyhounds from Lippold’s kennels included SWEET PLAYER, JUST A PEACH, STARLIGHT BREEZE and QUICK SILVER.