PROFILE: Ted Lippold grew up on the family farm in Iowa. He entered the greyhound business during the Great Depression and retired from kennel ownership in 1970. Ted Lippold was added to the Pioneer Section in 1985.

HISTORY: “We had some greyhounds back in Iowa,” recalls Ted Lippold, “we used for hunting, but then one day the oldest brother brought by some thoroughbred greyhounds. Before the sun set we had one.” Lippold put a kennel together and set out for the racetrack in the 1930’s. He raced at some of the first ones; Steubenville, Canfield, Ohio and Jefferson, Indiana. When Taunton, Massachusetts opened its gates for the first time in 1935, Lippold was there. In 1952 Lippold bought a farm in Berkley, Massachusetts and began raising some of his own greyhounds. In addition to competing “up north” Lippold says “at one time or another we raced at Jacksonville, Biscayne, Flagler, Miami Beach, Hollywood and Palm Beach”.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: BRASS HAT, a COURT JESTER female purchased by Ted Lippold in 1948, produced a sensational litter, Lippold’s best ever, when bred to EARMARKED (NEVER ROLL-TWINKLE’S GIRL). The best in the litter was BIRTH MARK. “BIRTH MARK” could beat anybody’s greyhound,” Lippold says.