PROFILE: Otto Mamino was born in March of 1911. He was married in 1949. In 1980 Otto Mamino was added to the PIONEER section and was still active in the greyhound business.

HISTORY: In the mid 1920’s, Otto Mamino’s father had a farm near the Madison Kennel Club in East St. Louis. A group of owners would house their greyhounds on his farm. Mamino worked in the TW Spencer Kennel after school. Later, Otto trained for John Pesek, John Miles and Jess Bingham. In 1935, the first year Taunton opened, Mamino trained for Pesek. When Raynham opened Otto was training for Bingham. Mamino raced kennels at Biscayne, Flagler, Miami Beach, a couple of Ohio tracks as well as in New Jersey at Thornton and Hawthorne. Otto Mamino has spent the last several years racing his own kennel at Derby lane and in New England.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Mamino handled Pesek’s greatest greyhounds, including the JUST ANDREW-COLD CASH litter. He captured the 1979 American Derby with TEXAS BRASS, and has won two Derby Lane Classics with BRAKA and STANNO.