PROFILE: Archie Mc Ilveen’s parents came to Canada from Ireland when he was 6 years old. His dad had owned greyhounds in the “old country”. As a teenager Archie was into all kinds of sports-boxing, bicycle racing, pigeon racing etc. Then came his interest in greyhounds.

HISTORY: One day in 1929 as he was training for a bike race, Archie noticed a few fellows running their dogs in claiming races. He bought a female for $35; The female, ULSTER’S PRIDE, was to become the backbone of his breeding stock. During the war, Archie had disposed of all his dogs but six which his father looked after when Archie joined the royal Canadian Air force. Archie has sold dogs to Western Canada for coyote hunting and to Northern Ontario to be bred to Siberian Huskies to increase the speed, and some of their offspring won derbies. Among the greyhounds owned by Archie have been CELTIC CHAMP, (Mile High Derby Threat, 1956) MARTY MAN, GALLANT WARRIOR AND AMERICAN GLEE.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In 1929, Archie was instrumental in forming the Canadian Greyhound Racing and Breeders Association. He built the first ¼ mile portable track in Canada in 1938. He is a member of the NGA Half-Century Club, having been a member for more than 50 years.