PROFILE: John McLaughlin was born in Ireland in 1902. He was involved in greyhound racing in his native country where he competed at many tracks. He immigrated to the US, and was in the tea business when he became engaged in his first love, Greyhound racing. Jack fell into ill health in the 80’s and passed away January 6, 1986.

HISTORY: Mr. McLaughlin began with four greyhounds which then became 60 when he retired in the late 1960’s. Some of the tracks Jack competed at were Wonderland, Raynham and Taunton, Massachusetts and West Palm Beach in Florida, which he later made his home. He was represented by his greyhounds at other tracks including Key West, FL, Pueblo, Co, Sodrac and Black Hills, SD. and many others. Of all the greyhounds which he and his wife, Helen, raised he always proclaimed SILENT SAM his best, as he had tied the 5/16th’s world record at a New England Track.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: He handled many outstanding greyhounds from other breeders; JUST ROCKER (ROCKER MAC-I’LL REMEMBER), OWNED BY Francis Flint, was a finalist in the 1960 American Derby. The famous TUXEDO litter (TOP AGENT-TRUDIE,IMP) This litter all raced in grade A. They included; LET US DANCE; MISS TUXEDO, MR TUXEDO, TUXEDO AGENT, TUXEDO FLIRT and TUXEDO GIMPY. Two of this litter were finalists in the 1963 American Derby.