PROFILE: Pat McMahon was born August 30, 1895 in Beattie, Kansas and married Marcella Coyne on July 30, 1919 in Axtell, Kansas. He served in the U.S Army during World War I and lived in Falls City, Nebraska until 1947 when he moved to Abilene, Kansas. He died in 1974 leaving his wife and five children, 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and a sister.

HISTORY: McMahon served as secretary of the National Coursing Association for 18 years, from 1947 until his retirement in 1966. He remained active in the capacity of supervisor and consultant, serving as the National Coursing Association contact representative with the various tracks. He was the keeper of the NCA Stud Book and was an active member of the Greyhound National Hall of Fame Committee. He was associated with greyhounds for 40 years as an owner.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: A major greyhound owner, he had successful kennels at some of the largest tracks in the country and his champion greyhounds frequently were among the top prize winners. As NCA secretary, he nurtured the greyhound racing from its infant stage to adulthood. He was known for his keen sense of humor, his razor sharp wit, his good memory, his kind hospitality, his perseverance during times of trial and his administrative ability in organizing the office. During his administration the National Coursing Association purchased ground near Abilene where it constructed a modern office building and a grandstand.