PROFILE: Richard Mollerup was born in 1898. Dick, as most people called him, operated a kennel as early as 1928. In 1982 when Mollerup was added to the PIONEER section he was living in Little Rock Arkansas.

HISTORY: Mollerup bought his first string of greyhounds from John Fuller in Seneca, KS in 1928. He raced these at the Hawthorn track near Chicago. Mollerup recalls that, as an owner, he led his own greyhounds to the post using harness holders. Mollerup also competed at Pennsauken, Pittsburg, Mineola, Long Island, Camden, St. Louis, and Canfield in Ohio. “I’ve traveled thousands of miles and had many ups and downs and hard times,” he wrote, in 1982, but as I look back, I enjoyed every minute of it and wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. I honestly don’t know of any other sport of occupation that you could meet so many wonderful people in this beautiful country.”

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Mollerup has set track records at Miami Beach, Hollywood, Biscayne, and West Flagler with greyhounds TRAFFIC MANAGER, PILAGER, and MISS MANEQUIN.